Why you Should Add Unboxing Videos to your Shopify Store

Unboxing videos are a growing trend. In fact unboxing videos regularly hit the top 10 spots on Youtube watchlists and in 2017 the term ‘unboxing’ had more the 60 million searches and over 3 billion views on Youtube. 🤯

Pretty crazy right?

Well you may be one in five consumers that have watched an unboxing video, in which case you already know that an unboxing video is exactly as it sounds. It is a video of a brand, customer or influencer opening a product and removing it from the packaging it came in.

Apple products in particular are very popular in the unboxing video world. Apple know the importance of first impressions and have always tried to make the unboxing experience delightful.

“Steve [Jobs] and I spent a lot of time on the packaging. I love the process of unpacking something. You design a ritual of unpacking to make the product feel special. Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story.” - Walter Isaacson (Apple)

These types of videos are addictive as they mimic the almost childlike excitement of surprise and opening something (a present) for the first time.

Psychologists have even suggested that this is because our brains are wired to be curious and these videos tap into a primal curiosity, a desire to know what exactly is hidden inside.

Why add product unboxing videos on your website?

In ecommerce, trust is key and video is the best way to build this trust when it is impossible for a customer to physically have a product in their hands.

For Shopify merchants and other ecommerce sellers, adding an unboxing video to your store or product page is a great way to stand out and show more than just the product information.

These videos are also usually raw & less edited compared to other videos with no fancy camera angles or photoshop. This instantly adds trust and authenticity as it shows the customer exactly what they can expect when they first receive the product should they decide to purchase it.

How to create an unboxing video for your Shopify store

Adding unboxing videos can be a really quick and easy way to start adding more trust to your store. If you use a service like Snappd (that’s us 😉) it will be less time consuming than if you were going to make a traditional horizontal or Youtube style video. With Snappd you don’t need to do any video editing - all you need is your phone and some type of tripod or stand that you can use when recording the unboxing process.

You can record the video in one clip but we actually recommend doing this in shorter 10-30 seconds clips to make it more engaging so that viewers can tap back and forth through the video. Keeping the video short is best for this style of video to grab the viewers attention so try to keep it around 1 minute or less.

Once you’ve recorded that first clip you can then stop recording, (try to aim for around 5-20 seconds per clip for the best engagement levels) then start to record the next clip & move further into the box and start unpacking the next part of the product. You can continue until you’ve actually got the product out of the box. You can also show all some of the information that comes with the product.

Here are some examples of simple but effective unboxing videos. You can have a team member, influencer or even customer create this type of video for your store.

Unboxing videos really are a great way to let the potential customers know what to expect when they buy this product so adding this video onto the product page not only strengthens your brand’s trust but it ultimately will help to speed up the purchasing decision.

Ready to start adding engaging unboxing videos to your Shopify store? You can sign up to Snappd here and get started right away 🚀