Snapchat tip: How to remove camera roll white border

Here is a quick guide on how to remove camera roll white border.

Ready to add a photo or video to your Snapchat story without showing the ‘from camera roll’ white border for iPhones.

This will work for photos or videos you have already taken in the past or ones you have just taken and are on your camera roll.

How to remove camera roll white border

Browse & Select:

Firstly open your camera roll and find the photo or video clip (no longer than 10 seconds).

Open the media you have selected and tap the share icon, this should then give you the option to duplicate. This newly made copy will now be the newest item in your camera roll.

If you reopen your camera roll and tap select (top right corner) and highlight the newly made item. Now tap on “Add To”

The Snapchat Folder:

After tapping “Add To” you will be directed to select a folder, keep scrolling down until you find the Snapchat folder & select it.

Now open the Snapchat app & swipe into settings. From the settings menu select “Memories”.

Look for the “Import Snaps from Camera Roll”.

This will bring up any Snaps available to import for your Snapchat folder. From here just tap onto the new duplicate you have just made & tap the import 1 Snap at the bottom of the screen. (This might take a moment)


Almost there! Get away from the settings screen now and swipe up and get to your Memories & go to the “Snaps” tab & as if by magic your imported snap should appear.

You can now select the clip and add to your story. If you wish you can edit it and add a geo-filter etc..